1981    Born in IBARAKI, JAPAN
2006    M.A., Musashino Art University, Tokyo
Live and work in Tokyo, JAPAN
  I am researching the possibilities of a two-dimensional painting in this three dimensional world.
It has been seven years since I defined painting as the creation of a three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional flat surface.
(It has been seven years since I started painting in earnest after nearly dying on a motorcycle.)
In order to extend the possibilities of the plane, I have recently been trying to reproduce the inside of a monitor, a virtual space in analog form.
(Recently, I draw pictures after making a rough sketch on the computer.)
The world that appears in the monitor is virtual but real, and the flat world in the painting is an augmented reality and while relying on the computer to perform complex calculations that combine these contradictory realities.
There is some kind of bug in the painting where the output is done by human labor.
(When you try to convert digital into analog, some kind of bug is created.)
By allowing the space to contain such contradictions, we can feel another kind of life.
(What is the point in going through all that trouble? It is like painting itself.)
  Solo & Two Person show
  2022    The Monkey thought, YOD gallery, Osaka
2021    Basic of A Revenge, L+/ Lucie Chang Fine Arts, Hong Kong
2020    Mr. Invisible, CLEAR GALLERY TOKYO, Tokyo
2020    Event Horizon, Loop Hole, Tokyo
2019    Super String Theory, 206 Galleria, Bari, Italy
2018    Beautiful Dreamers (Tai Ogawa + Satoshi Okano), GFAL, Tokyo
2017    DOOM HEADZ (Tai Ogawa + Matt Lock), Calm and Punk, Tokyo
2016    elements, WISH LESS, Tokyo
2014    Urban_Legend, galeria de muerte, Tokyo
2008    The End of the World and Mother-Fucker, ZENSHI, Tokyo
2006     -The Memory of Gravel, Thought of Rock-h, mihokanno, Bankart NYK, Yokohama
2006    gInner Muscle, GAROU GAROU, Yokohama
  Selected Group Show
  2022    HILLS ZINE MARKET ART • ZINE 2022, A/D gallery, Tokyo
2021    WAVE TOKYO 2021, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
2021    Hi-Vision, Act 2, CLEAR GALLERY TOKYO, Tokyo
2020    Loop Hole 15th Anniversary Exhibition, Loop Hole, Tokyo
2019    Shibuya Style vol.13, Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo
2019    Synchronicity layer, NAND, Osaka
2014    Apresentando, galeria virgilio, Sao Paulo
2013    THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST, galeria de muerte, Tokyo
2012    Nuclear Summer, galeria de muerte, Tokyo
2012    Happy Haiku, ferenbalm-gurbru station, Karlsruhe, German
2011    JapanCongo, Le Magasin, Grenoble, France
2011    Kamehameha, ferenbalm-gurbru station, Karlsruhe, German
2010    Refrain, zenshi, Tokyo
2010    Lucky Fortune, zenshi, Tokyo
2009    Pulp Fictions-Papierarbeiten, ferenbalm-gurbru station, Karlsruhe, German
2009    Sunny Side ZENSHI '09, zenshi, Tokyo
2009    In Battle There Is No Law, galeria de muerte, Tokyo
2008    Death by Basel, Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami, U.S.A.
2008    Arbeit macht frei, Cafe in Mito, Mito, Ibaraki
2007    Heyri Asia Project II Japanese Contemporary Art Festival, Heyri, Korea
2007    Untitled -paper-, ZENSHI, Tokyo
  JAPIGOZZI Collection
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  gCruel Story of Centuryh self Published, 2022
gPost Apocalypseh Published by galeria de muerte, 2016
gAfter Mathh self Published, 2016
  Art Fair
  Art Fair Tokyo,2021,Tokyo /clear gallery tokyo
Tokyo Art Book Fair,2019-2011,Tokyo /galeria de muerte
Art Heaven,2010,Tokyo /Zenshi
Zona Maco Mexico Arte Contemporaneo,2009,Mexico City /Zenshi+galeria de muerte
Emerging Directors Art Fair ULTRA001,2008,Tokyo /Zenshi
Zona Maco Mexico Arte Contemporaneo,2008,Mexico City /Zenshi
Zoo Art Fair,2007,London /Zenshi
ART@AGNES,2007,Tokyo /Zenshi