Tai Ogawa
Mr. Invisible
November 24th(tue) - December 26th(sat) 2020
open: 12:00 - 18:00/Thuesday - Saturday
close: Sunday to Monday and public holiday
*Admission Free
address:2/F, 7-18-8 roppongi, minato-ku, tokyo 106-0032, JAPAN

Time goes, as the dreamed future became the past and infused new breath, I realized that I became Mr. Invisible.
SNS has been quite noisy these days. A nesting life due to the COVID-19 epidemic made people to create a computer surveillance society.
Only honest and equal messages were allowed to be shared without any compromises there.
Our paintings became target of surveillance, too. Here is no space to take the liberty of self-expression anymore.
Such situation sounds a dystopia of Science Fiction world, and this is the beginning of fin-de-siecle that I dreamed during my teenage.
Everything is handled by image data, and the number of "Likes" decides the inferior-to-superior relationship; such Modern Dark Information Society.
The Diremption between reality and I already becomes advanced, its substance is no longer needed.
In order to crate a chink, I made up mind to make works of circumvention of the law.
Recognizable, but transparent; I am going to be Mr. Invisible.
Therefore, I chaperon this epidemic from a perspective of the first person.

- Tai Ogawa